The Texprotec group launches Emiprotec, a range of tubular braided sheath solutions for electromagnetic shielding.Combining cutting-edge technology and expertise in the braiding and weaving of high-tech materials, this range is designed for those involved in electric mobility.

Patented technology

The Emiprotec range is based on its patented solution, TISAFLEX EMI-PHY, a sheath combining high abrasion protection, an excellent level of electromagnetic shielding and easy installation. This sheath reduces interference emissions from power cables and protects passengers from electromagnetic waves.

An in-house test lab

The Texprotec group has a laboratory at its disposal to carry out all electromagnetic compatibility tests as well as conventional measurements (resistivity, heating,…). The performance levels of our products can be measured based on changes in manufacturing parameters immediately on site. We guarantee our customers quality and reactivity while searching for the best solutions

A strong R&D department

Within the laboratory, a team of engineers work together to develop tailor-made solutions. Each year we invest 5% of our turnover in innovation and the search for solutions to meet our customers’ requirements. This investment also allows us to think about and anticipate the needs related to future technological developments.

Emiprotec, Safe e-mobility solutions

You drive safely with Emiprotec on board

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